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Facilities Utilized:

Giant Center - Home of the AHL Hershey Bears!

Hersheypark Arena - Also known as the Old Barn!  It is the oldest arena in the country operating with an AHL team.

Twin Ponds - Home of the Hershey Jr. Bears!  Two locations offer 3 full sheets of ice.

Klick Lewis Arena - A neighboring twin sheet facility.

In total, we will be utilizing 7 sheets of ice for this event!

Stay Informed:

Travel Champs keeps the  hockey community up to date with the latest hockey tournaments and information visa-vi our website, TravelChamps.com .

Travel Champs currently operate 4 core holiday tournaments on behalf of the Hershey Jr. Bears. 

Labor Day – Thanksgiving – New Year's Day – St. Patrick’s Day.  These core 4 tournaments in 2015/2016 have produced 279 teams over 4,185 player participants and upwards of 9000 attendees!

Back by popular demand for 2016/2017 is the exclusive MITE outdoor series at the Heritage Hills Resort along with a MITE exclusive Halloween Howl in Hershey PA!

We now are featuring a "GIRLS DIVISION" into our New Year's Day Holiday Tournament!

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